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Susan Russell

Expose' is a hot rocking, national TV show with a wide fan base. Originated and created by Susan Russell, an experienced interviewer, actress and model. The experience of interviewing people ranging from Mark Martin to local racers in greasy garages taught her the skills and art of interviewing. Before she wore a shiny pink leotard with matching high heels, she walked through race tracks, garages and pits to conduct interviews, with dirt flying in the air and tires screeching. Later she returned to her true passion the music and entertainment scene. Growing up in NYC and getting accepted into Music and Art High School she later formed a rock band with her ex-husband using the prophetic name TV SET. They played the Chicago club circuit including "The Metro". Classically trained in violin at The Manness Conservatory and Ballet she later used her dancing in clubs and played a stripper in the movie "Short Hairs". Modeling in and around Chicago and playing small parts in films she set her sights on using her mind after getting a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia and doing her final thesis The Super heroine at The Randolph Street Theatre. Performing at "Sexfest" at "The Blue Ryder Theatre" which was covered in "New City" was her first professional performance of her one-woman show which she would later take on the road or shall we say on the air.

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